Being passionate about models ourselves,

we know how much effort goes into building a diorama.

We are here to showcase those for all to see.

Model Diorama Magazine was born to showcase all the best diorama's and layouts that we see on a daily basis across social media and other channels.


The idea behind our publication is to have a dedicated magazine that be kept on your coffee table and admired. The trouble we found with social media platforms is that layouts are viewed and liked but then soon forgetten about as life moves on.


A few years ago we set up Model Airliner Magazine - a publication dedicated to diecast model airliner collectors. The initial interest was great and it soon took off (pun intended) with readers purchasing the magazine from all corners of the world. We managed to tap into a very niche market. Last year, the magazine was sold to Delta Golf Publishing who now own it but we still deal with all design and printing on their behalf.


Model Diorama Magazine is a monthly publication that is delivered right to your door!

We ship Worldwide to cater for all layout lovers too! It is produced in a unique 210mm x 210mm sqaure magazine format.


As well as pages and pages of dioramas to feast your eyes on, we also plan to work closely with retailers and manufaturers to offer our readers discounts as well as competitions to win free stuff! That's worth being part of this for sure!

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I'm Nathan Bennett and I'm the guy who most of you will probably be liasing with regading everything Model Diorama related.


I pretty much run this ship with the help of some of my trusty sidekicks who contribute articles, help with promotion and the team who help print this wonderful publication!


So, a little bit about me....I have been working within the design and advertising sector for over 20 years now. My experience has seen me work on some huge brands over the years including ad campaigns for Continental Tyres, Ford, Kraft Foods, Jaguar Land Rover, Bahain Airport, Toshiba, Bosch and tons more!


My passion for magazines has been with me from the age of around 10...and 34 years later I am still as passionate. Many say to me "there is no future in magazines as everything is digital now". I disagree. People like me still love the physcial feel and excitement or flicking through a new magazine. The fact shops like WHSmith and Barnes & Noble are still thriving backs up my argument.


I have been a model collector and diorama enthusiast for many years now getting my hand into creating and bringing things to life! There is something so magical and exciting and working on a project and seeing it go from a plan on a scrap of paper to reality.


My collecting has seen me throw my passion into 1/200, 1/400 and 1/500 scale model aircraft, 1/64 scale dicecast cars, 1/87 scale model buses, 1/18 model cars, 1/50 scale trucks and buses, N Gauge Model Railways and more recently the 1/76 world! It's an endless hobby which keep me smiling every day!


Nathan Bennett

Magazine Editor & Creative Director