Frequently Asked Questions...

What is in each issue of Model Diorama Magazine?


Each month we feature some of the best dioramas from collectors and project builders from around the world. The aim of the publication is a physical product that you can keep on your coffee table and pick up and read as well as share with friends how amazing some layouts can be in a miniature world. We also have plenty of opportunities to win free stuff and claim discounts from plenty of retailers!


When is Model Diorama Magazine released?


Our publication will be released monthly. Release dates will be posted here soon once all content for Issue 1 is finalised.

ISSUE 1 - October 2018 (released Sept 2018)

ISSUE 2 - November 2018 (released Oct 2018)

ISSUE 3 - December Xmas 2018 (released Nov 2018)

ISSUE 4 - January 2019 (released Dec 2018)

ISSUE 5 - February 2019 (released Jan 2019)

ISSUE 6 - March 2019 (released Feb 2019)


How can I submit my layout and diorama to be featured in the magazine? 


You can contact us here to chat to us about your layout.


Can I buy the magazine from my local news/magazine store?


At this stage, Model Diorama Magazine is only available to order direct through this website. We will soon be talking to retailers and shop about stocking the publication. However, we will acvtive at various model and toy fairs in Winter 2018 and all of 2019 where we will be promoting the magazine.


I am a retailer. Can I stock your magazine?


Sure. You can get in touch by selecting the relavent link here.


My diorama is featured in your magazine. Do I lose all the rights to my pictures?


Absolutely not. We are just an avenue that features and showcases your pictures that have been used with your permission. You still 100% own all rights to the pictures you submitted.


What is the goal for Model Diorama Magazine?


By early 2019 we aim to have built up some nice relationships with manufacturers and retailers to give you better deals to help making your diorama's better and more realistic. As always, we will bring you the best model layouts month after month! We would love to be at a point throughout 2019 where we can get the magazine into stores and shops. This will widen the readership.


Will there be a subscription service for Model Diorama Magazine?


The first few issues will be on month-by-month basis until we can gauge enough interest. Once we have built up a nice following we will then look at setting up a subscription service where our readers will get the magazine cheaper (based on 12 monthly subscription) and recieve special members-only gifts.


How do I advertise in Model Diorama Magazine?


You can contact us here.


What size does my artwork need to be?


You can view all artwork guidelines and sizes here.


I ordered a copy but the magazine never arrived.


Being based in the UK we use Royal Mail to ship all our magazines. Sometimes things do go missing which is out of our control. In this instance, please get in touch with us here and we will arrange to send you a replacement copy.